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Multivitamins: Your Best Health Insurance

Mar 1, 2015     Posted by: Michelle E. Latinsky BASc., RD

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It is often said that an apple a day keeps the doctor away.
The same can be said about multivitamins, which help boost energy, keep your immune system strong and support heart health. In 2002, the Journal of the American Medical Association recommended that, in addition to eating a healthy diet, adults should take a daily multivitamin. It makes sense. In an age of depleted soils and deteriorating agri-business practices, nutrient levels in food have declined, making it nearly impossible for most people to get adequate nutrition from diet alone.
Today, the accepted preventive wisdom tells us that specialized multivitamin formulas provide essential vitamins and minerals that will boost energy and vitality, and support optimal health through every stage of life.
But which multivitamin is right for you? Here are five guidelines that will steer you to the ideal multivitamin match.
Choose a multivitamin formulated for your stage of life. The right nutrient mix does make a difference. Today’s multivitamins contain scientifically formulated ingredients to support our body needs at various ages. Kids’ multis, for example, include nutrients that lay the foundation for healthy bones, teeth, cartilage, gums, skin, eyesight and immunity. Prenatal formulas offer a complex of basic vitamins and minerals, including iron, zinc and folic acid which prevents neural tube defects. Formulas for adults are nutritionally balanced to satisfy the health needs of mid-life and to help prevent disease as we age. In addition to the balanced supplement mix, multis for 50+ adults contain targeted nutrients that support vision and reduce inflammation.
Men and women have unique health needs. A balanced formula of essential vitamins and minerals will help a woman in the prime of life look and feel great. It’s also important to choose a premium formula made with nutrients proven to support breast, bone and urinary tract health, common issues that affect all women. Men, on the other hand, need a multivitamin enriched with male-factor nutrients that will support energy demands and prostate health, and help fight major diseases. New research shows that both men and women should take formulas enhanced with extra Vitamin D to help reduce the risk of chronic conditions from osteoporosis to heart disease.
Find a formula that fits your energy demands. The human body is a finely tuned, fuel-burning system. There’s no avoiding the fact that your body runs best when it is adequately nourished. Skipped meals, fast food and eating on-the-go are common reasons for multivitamin use in general. More to the point: Is a basic multi enough for you? If your activity or stress levels place greater demands on your body, a mega-potency or stamina-boosting formula will provide the nutritional advantage you need.
Get what you want and what you need. Vegetarians can find nutritionally balanced formulas made without animal products. Anyone trying to shed a few extra pounds should look for a formula with extra metabolism-boosting nutrients and an antioxidant, such as green tea extract, to help fight free radical damage during the weight-loss process. And as you age, optimal heart health is essential. For maximum cardiovascular protection, choose a formula with added Vitamin D and cholesterol-reducing nutrients.
Tablet, Capsule or Chewable
What system is best for you? By definition, a multivitamin is chock full of dozens of important nutrients. Today, your multi comes in a variety of formats. Large, dense tablets may be hard for some people to digest and the nutrients are therefore unable to target cells. There are several options available so take the time to think about what is best for you. If you have issues swallowing pills, a chewable tablet is a tasty and effective way to get the most from your multi.
Remember to always consult a healthcare professional before you start any multivitamin regimen, particularly if you have a medical condition or are taking prescription medication.



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Hi, I'm a parent with growing teenagers (15 & 17 years of age), is there a multivitamin for that age group. I have only seen Adult multivitamins. Could you please suggest which multivitamin they can take.
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Hi Romy, thank you for writing.  All our adult multivitamins are suitable for children over the age of 12. If you are interested in a general multivitamin for your children, we suggest the Vita-Vim Regular Multi.  Jamieson also offers a wide variety of multivtamins based on individual lifestyles such as the Vita-Vim Vegetarian Multi, Vita-Vim for Women and the Chewable Multi. Please note to always speak to your children's health care practitioner prior to them taking any supplements. Thanks again!
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Hi Jon, Thanks for your question. When it comes to omega oils, some formulas require additional natural preservative ingredients while others do not. In the case of our Wild Salmon Oil, an additional preservative is not necessary. To keep the product fresh until its expiry date, simply store it in a cool, dry place away from direct light. Thanks again for writing!
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Hi, I love your company and respect it very much! However, since I didn't get a response from email, I might as well do it here. May I ask how long your omega 3 salmon and fish oils last? I just noticed it had no vitamin e in it, so how do you guys keep vunerable supplements like fish oil that's very prone to rancidity, and free radical damage fresh? Thank you for reading, and please reply! Many thanks and have a good day.
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Hi Sam, There are several supplements you can take to boost immunity. Multivitamins, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Zinc and Probiotics can all contribute to your immune health. You can also try our Vitamin B Complex if you are feeling stressed and Flushield at times of lowered immunity. Please remember to consult your Doctor before beginning any supplement regimen, as each individual is different and may experience different results. Thanks for writing!
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I need a vitiam that will help my immune system...any suggestions?
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Hi "Anonymous", Thanks for writing, and for your suggestions! We're sorry to hear you've had some difficulties with the size of our Adult 50+ Vita-Vim. We actually did just introduce our new Women's 5o+ formula, which is a smaller, 2xday easy to swallow capsule. We also have a chewable multivitamin available. Of course, both of these alternate options are formulated differently so you would need to check with your doctor before switching. Please be assured that we make all of our vitamins as small as possible - each pill is the size that it has to be to incorporate all of the nutrients in the formula. Thanks again for writing!
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Hi Dan, Thanks for your question! Titanium dioxide is a naturally occurring mineral, and is used by Jamieson in extremely low amounts - approximately 0.9% of the tablet weight - to protect a product's active ingredients from the degrading effects of light. Health Canada and the FDA have approved the use of Titanium dioxide in supplements and food products. A Jamieson tablet contains approximately one-eighth of the titanium dioxide found in a 240ml glass of milk! The Joint Expert Committee on Food Additives and the European Food Safety Authority have determined that titanium dioxide is not absorbed through the gastrointestinal wall nor is it stored in body tissue. Currently, there are no safety concerns associated with titanium dioxide used as an additive to food or natural health products. Thanks again for writing, and we hope this helps alleviate your concerns.
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I am concerned about Titanium Dioxide being used in vitamins. I acknowledge the need for vitamins but why add a possible human carcinogen to a vitamin??
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Yes, it was informative. But, a suggestion, could you have an easy to use age category where we consumers could just click on and all related products would pop up? With maybe a sub-category for M/F? I'm over 60 so I bought your Adult 50+ Vita-Vim. Well,sorry, but those are horse pills! It's too difficult to break in half and the edges can be sharp, so that's out for me. Ever had one of those suckers get stuck sideways in your throat? No fun and leaves your throat sore. Swallowing for us older folks isn't always an easy thing. So, those vitamins go in the garbage or in the back of the cupboard and I'm here now trying to research a better vitamin for me. Is there no way to just make it so that a person takes two smaller pills rather than one large one?
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Hi Verna, I'm so glad you found this helpful. Thanks for letting us know! Michelle
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very informative imformation

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